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Africarising is a platform that seeks to transform Africa through worship and see her rise to her full potential and become cognizant of the brightness of her rising.

Africa’s Brightness is at hand!
(to soar) depicted with the wings open but not fully displayed, as if preparing for flight.

” The Gentiles shall come to your light, And kings to the brightness of Africa’s rising”
(Isaiah 60:3)


Performances from African Artists and our audience will be all people from all walks of life

WHY you should Attend

It is time for Africa to “Arise & Shine!”

Come and join us for an End Year  Thanksgiving Evening, of Praise and Worship!


Every Year in Nairobi Kenya and gradually expand to the rest of Africa


Nairobi, Kenya.

It is Time for Africa to "Arise and Shine!"

About Us

Africarising aims to create a worship experince  that allows space for God to cause vivid transformation in the lives of people.

The Event is set to take place annually and will feature Performances from international as well as African Artists and our audience will be all people from all walks of life


 “WORSHIP is more of a lifestyle than the music and words” ….that the LORD be GLORIFIED and Worshiped in SPIRIT and in TRUTH.

Exodus 12:31 – “Rise up, . . . and go, worship the LORD” Let us look forward to Connecting to God through Worship as Africans. 

It is indeed time for Africa to Rise and Shine!


Worship that allows for transformation needs to be created in an environment that is relationally rich and utilizes the gifts of all present.With the cultivation of this type of environment, worship is less likely to be viewed as a performance, but an integral piece of life in a faith community, through which God’s transformative power can move in and through worship.  


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